Skinner Releasing Network (SRN) connects the vibrant international community of teachers of Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT).

As a membership organisation open to all officially certified SRT teachers, its mission is to support its members in their practice and professional development as SRT teachers. It does this by facilitating exchange and dialogue among teachers, and by helping everyone interested in this unique and powerful technique to find SRT classes and resources.

SRN’s main activities are operating this website, and organising occasional meetings and practice days for its members. It does not run classes or other public events, and has no regulatory or quality assurance function. The official training and certification programme for SRT teachers is run by the Skinner Releasing Institute.

The organisation is a democratic membership-led collective, run on behalf of the membership by a small elected Management Committee. Any certified SRT teacher who would be interested in joining is warmly invited to contact us.

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