Skinner Releasing Network connects the vibrant international community of teachers of Skinner Releasing Technique – a highly accessible but radical and transformative approach to dance, movement and creative process.

Joan clearly distinguishes Skinner Releasing Technique from released- based work and relaxation techniques. Its intention is different. Releasing is an ongoing, continual process; never fixed or released. It aims, not to relax the body, rather to prepare the body to be available to any image or creative idea – releasing imagination

Gaby Agis and Joe Moran (2002)

Not only is SRT unusual in that the technical and creative are fused as one but its pedagogy also provides a means by which performance artistry is nurtured.

Manny Emslie (2009)

The nature of the Releasing process is change.

Robert Davidson (1979)

Teachers have found that the Technique can answer unique training needs. The dancer can discover an awareness that the creative and technical are no longer separate

Joe Moran & Gaby Agis (2002)

As with other techniques it develops increased strength, flexibility, and freedom of movement but it does not use repetition of a specific movement (exercise) to do this. In fact there is no need to try and push the body beyond its limits, no adherence to a principle of overload as a necessary tool. The belief is in precisely the opposite – You can’t make a leaf grow by stretching it.

Kirsty Alexander (1999)

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