Releasing into Process: Joan Skinner and the use of imagery in the teaching of dance 

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In Its Purest Form: a rare insight into the work of Joan Skinner

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You can’t make a leaf to grow by stretching it : some notes on the philosophical implications of Skinner Releasing Technique

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Unravelling the Dance: an exploration of dance’s underdeveloped relationship with its kinaesthetic nature

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Regarding the Nature of Process in the Skinner Releasing Technique 

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Releasing Sensibilities: Joan Skinner in conversation with Gaby Agis

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What is Process?

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Travelling from the middle through the middle, paper presented at the New Connectivity Conference

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Skelton, Rebecca (2002).
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An Intricate Field. In search of freedom and togetherness: inter-subjectivity and materiality in shared space.

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An Image That’s Alive: Conversation on the image worlds of Skinner Releasing Technique & Amerta Movement

with Sally E. Dean, Margit Galanter, Lily Kiara, and Julie Nathanielsz (2020)

An action of orientation – Skinner Releasing Technique in reflective practice
Sally E. Dean and Julie Nathanielsz, (2017)

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