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2017 Turkey

Contemporary dance artist and soloist ballerina in “Istanbul State Opera and Ballet” with 30 years of stage and site-specific performance experience at various dance festivals in Europe, America, the Far East and Turkey.

I am a facilitator somatic movement, improvisation dance, contemporary dance techniques and ballet technique coaching.

I facilliate workshops that promote the development of kinaesthetic sensation, support the development of body-mind awareness through a creative process, and teach Contemporary Dance Techniques and Improvisation Dance classes at the “Akdeniz University State Conservatory”.

I have been continuing to practice SRT since 2010. The rich possibilities opened by the creative process of SRT have been the most important contribution I have developed in both my profession and in my personal life.

These are the other areas where somatic techniques such as “Feldenkrays” and “Ideokinesis” have influenced me and supported by the principles and pedagogy, as artist and trainer.

I completed two-year SRT 1-15 Introduction classes teacher training in 2017.

In this training, the faculty teachers were Gaby Agis, Robert Davidson and Mary Claire Mc Kenna.

Since then I facilitated SRT 1-15 Introduction workshops in Turkey.

I graduated from the MSGSU Ballet Department in 1987 and graduated from the Contemporary Dance Department in 2001 with MA degree.

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