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2011 United Kingdom

Language is a key focus for Rosemary; the language of movement, the language of words and British Sign Language(BSL).

Rosemary discovered a passion for SRT in 2004 during her Dance degree (BA Dance Performance) at Middlesex University. Since then she went on to train to be certified to teach SRT which she achieved in August 2011. Rosemary is Passionate about bringing SRT to the North of England and wants to create opportunities for as many people to have access to it as possible.

Despite having had to put choreography to one side in recent years while completing her MA in BSL Interpreting (completed Aug 2012) it has always been an important part of her dance practice and is something she is beginning to re-explore. The creative nature of SRT feeds into her choreographic process, alongside a love of structured improvisations, and collaborating with other art forms. Rosemary has also taught in the community and in education in a wide variety of educational and community settings.

Alongside working as a Dance Artist, Rosemary is also a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter. Working with BSL and Interpreting creates opportunities for her to work in the deaf community teaching creative movement and to use BSL as a stimulus for workshops. The visual nature of this language marries with her passion for dance, poetry and the communication of ideas.

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