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2001 Netherlands

Lily Kiara is a dance artist and singer/songwriter. She has been making performances since 1989. Essential trainings have been at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, including a semester at Bennington College, USA, Skinner Releasing Technique in Seattle and London, with Suprapto Suryodarmo in Indonesia, with Julyen Hamilton and ongoing martial arts.

Currently she is working on her new solo project ‘Field of Disappearance’. Stillness and poetry are at the heart of her work. She is also creating a piece, Subtext, with Michael Schumacher and two piano players . Her performance SAYA IKAN / I AM A FISH, a performance with dance, spoken text and with live music by Michael Moore (clarinet), was nominated for ‘Best touring dance performance 2012-2013’ in Austin, Texas, USA.

Other selected works from recent years are Moving South (solo), Talk To Me (with Julyen Hamilton), Where The Wind (with Eva Karczag), Silent Song (trio, Athens), Still(oewaaa) (2+ with Felicity Provan) and a trio Dinggedicht, with Ab Baars (shakuhachi, clarinet) and Ana Leonor Ladas (dance). She created solo performances with and for other dancers in Finland and Australia. An ongoing project is Singing to use the Waiting, from which new pieces derive.

Her work often develops in collaboration with musicians who play live in performance, such as Michael Moore, Felicity Provan, Michael Vatcher, Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode and Anne LaBerge. She has been collaborating closely with lighting designer Ellen Knops since 1995.

Lily Kiara formed her own band The RIVER and produces cds on her label for music and poetry Sibyl Sings. Her latest solo album released on Zip Records in 2016.

“…It’s about a drift away from artwork that is aiming for aesthetic form towards direct contact with the audiences, uniqueness, rawness and spontaneity…” 

(about Moving South) In: Teatteri 5/06  by Eeva Kauppinen, Finland, Autumn 2006

Lily teaches workshops in Skinner Releasing Technique into Creating (Instant) Dances, with attention to the poetics in technical and compositional areas. In recent years, stillness through listening and its relation to presence in performance have revealed to be integral parts of her teaching. She teaches workshops in Creating (Instant) Dances and Skinner Releasing Technique, sometimes together with a musician or lighting designer. She is a certified SRT teacher since 2001 and has been teaching at independent studios, festivals and art institutions such as Sfadi Festival, Seattle (2001), School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam (1999-2005), TEAK, Helsinki (2004), Zodiak, Helsinki (2006), Full Moon Dance Festival, Pÿhäjärvi (2006), JoJo, Oulu (2007), Dance House, Melbourne (2008), STRUT, Perth, (2008) Kinitiras, Athens (2009), Mimeschool Amsterdam (2009, 2011), Rotterdamse Dansakademie/Codarts (2004, 2009, 2011, 2014), Tanzfabrik Berlin (since 2010), fabrik Potsdam (2011, 2012), Hochschule fur Tanz und Musik, Cologne (2013), SpazioNU, Pontedera (since 2015), Links Hall/Constellation Chicago (2016), Kokko Residency, Finland (2016). She also guides students in their process of making their own work.

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