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Ana Stegnar is  dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Born in Slovenia, she actually lives in Belgium. She studied contemporary dance at the CNDC in Angers, France. After her dance studies she worked in Belgium: she danced first for the company Ultima Vez  and later on co-created several dance-theater performances for the company Les BGM together with Saïd Gharbi.

She has a master degree in dramaturgy and theater science from UCLouvain.

Since 20 years Ana teaches contemporary dance and improvisation in different schools and contexts.

I have been studying SRT mostly with  Gaby Agis, Lily Kiara , Marie-Clare McKenna and became a certified teacher in 2017. Since then, I teach SRT in Brussels, Belgium and France.

SRT has deeply influenced my creative work and teaching, contributed to my personal growth  and allowed me to deepen my artistic research on imagination, perception and states of consciousness

I like to cultivate interiority, imagination, sensitivity, the feminine aspect and intuition; qualities that can contribute to greater collective solidarity, cooperation, respect and integrity.

My aim as SRT teacher is to support and value the unicity of each student’s process.

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