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2001 United Kingdom

Since certifying as a Skinner Releasing Technique teacher in 2001 I have taught widely in artistic communities in the UK, USA & Europe. This teaching has extended to colleges and universities. For several years I taught on the Skinner Releasing Institute’s annual summer intensives in Seattle. I am a faculty member on the 2016/17 Skinner Releasing Technique introductory Teacher Training.

My teaching practice also includes improvisation, creative practice and interdisciplinary performance practice.

The Skinner Releasing Technique profoundly informs my practice/process as a performer, choreographer, and writer as well as my recent explorations in ceramics and sculpture.  I create performance work that is interdisciplinary, and often in collaboration with visual artists – this work has been presented in the UK and USA.  I enjoy working with choreographers and directors interested in interdisciplinary approaches and some of these have included: Gaby Agis, Janet Aisawa, Lee Nagrin and Luis Tentindo.

One of the most gratifying aspects of teaching Skinner Releasing Technique is witnessing its transformative power and its capacity to enhance whatever creative process an individual is engaged in.

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