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1997 Hungary

I am a dancer, teacher, dance-maker, currently working at the University of Theater and Film Arts. I am the artistic coach of the program called “Research into the Unknown” curated and organized by the Hungarian Workshop Foundation.

 I am a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher on the Introductory andOngoing level. I have started my PhD studies at the Budapest Semmelweis University faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences in 2009. 

Since 1992 I have been collaborating with my colleague and friend Peter Pleyer (D), exchanging, teaching and creating together yearly. I have been working with Company Tánceánia (a mixed ability company) since 2003, and feel lucky and honored to be part of the teachers staff of P.O.R.C.H. at Ponderosa Tanzland since 2010.

My dance life / art life / everyday life is merging, becoming one. I am excited to fall into the creation of the present through the interactions of people. I have been attending festivals on CI and Improvisation in Europe and the USA since 2000, organizing events and directing the program of Kontakt Budapest alongside the annual Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival since 2002.

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