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2017 Turkey

I am a dancer, performance artist, circus performer(aerialist), gong bath practitioner and former underwater archaeologist.

I have a BA in archeology and history of art and I experienced many archeological excavations underwater or on land.  My life is very much inspired and shaped from those experiences.  My interest of research and excavations always lead me to discovery what I truly need to do in the different phases of my life. During my MA in underwater archeology I chose to change my path, to study in Circomedia, Center for Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre in Bristol. Specialized in physical theatre, aerial and juggling. I have  performed as a circus artist for sometime but creating a creative contemporary circus community in Turkey was in my main focus at that time. So I am one of the creator and former organizer of ongoing international Juggling Festival in Turkey called J-Fest.

My deep interest and research about improvisation, creativity, movement, artistic expressions has taken me many schools, workshops and festivals until I found Skinner Releasing Technique in 2009. Since than SRT became my primary movement technique. I  studied with Robert Davidson, Gaby Agis, Mary-Clare McKenna and Nathan Dryden.

SRT has a great influence in all parts of my life. Now my dance is just everywhere and in every moment. In years of my practice with SRT I discovered my own voice as the continuation of my dance, and vibrational realm of sounds. My creative process and researches are about, movement, listening, physicality of sound vibrations and vocal improvisations. I am playing Gong and some other instruments, for creating soundscapes and taking people into journeys in vibrational realm.

As part of my research, I travel with my instruments to experiment the movement of the sound in different landscapes. Also I like to create and explore instant interactive choreographies with bigger groups of people by using sound vibrations, environmental conditions and movement. My creative motivation is sincerity and to create spaces of healing.

In 2017 I became certified SRT teacher on introductory level since than I am running SRT workshops and facilitating movement explorations in the sound vibration field.

I have ongoing collaboration with Julia Adzuki since 2013.

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