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2006 United Kingdom

Alex Crowe is a performer and performance maker working mainly in movement-based theatre. Significant devised work includes Dark Passing (2007), The Horizons of Flight (2009), Stone Paper Paradise (2013), It was like this (2014) and Varieties of Solitude (2015).

Improvisation is also an important part of his practice, both in research and as a performance form, and he is a member of the Stranger than Fiction improvisation collective. He holds a Diploma in Dance from Birkbeck College and an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths College, and teaches movement, improvisation and performance in both Higher Education and community settings. Alex first encountered Skinner Releasing Technique in 2002, while pursuing training in contemporary dance and ballet. Since then, his practice of movement and performance has broadened to absorb a variety of other approaches, including those of Stephanie Skura, Ruth Zaporah, Suprapto Suryodarmo, Sandra Reeve and also physical theatre practices, including clowning. Yet SRT remains a powerful and enduring influence both in his teaching and in his own work.  His interest in the therapeutic aspects of releasing process, as well its creative potential, is reflected in his practice of Rosen Method bodywork.

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