American based choreographer and long-time SRT teacher and teacher-trainer Stephanie Skura will teach FREEDOM + RIGOR + COURAGE, a five-day workshop 11-15 January 2016 at Movement Research’s Winter Melt Festival in New York City. Moving from Open Source Forms — fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique — and working with approaches derived from thirty evolving years of rehearsal process celebrating diversity, collaboration, & individual creative empowerment: free of inhibition, wildly intuitive, inviting mind to collaborate. Access conceptual freedom, specificity, courage & honesty in movement, vocal practice, & improvisation. Adopt these methods & discover your own. Experiment with surprising pathways between conscious & subconscious, movement/voice/writing/drawing, witnessing & participating. With radical approaches to scores as fertile path toward content-relevant method & structure, integrating intuitive with analytical. Trusting our inner world, accessing technique as resource & having the courage to transcend it in unfettered presence. AND there are many other international dance innovators in this three-week festival!