In response to a really strong growing community of Skinner Releasing Technique dancers in Greece, Lizzy Le Quesne and Manny Emslie will be teaching an intensive course of the complete SRT introductory series in Athens.
This is the third time Lizzy has taught SRT in Greece in recent years and other short SRT courses have been taught by Gaby Agis and Titta Court.  However, this is the first time in Greece that dancers have had the possibility to follow the complete SRT introductory series of 15 classes.
This intensive course is a rare opportunity for dancers from Greece and elsewhere to follow the complete SRT introductory series of 15 classes in a coherent and developmental way over consecutive days.
Excellent for those wishing to deepen their experience and understanding of SRT or those looking for a deeply softening and transformational movement engagement in the warmth and quiet of a Greek summertime. The studio, Kinitiras, is a significant fixture on the Athens contemporary dance map, and is located in a beautiful and calm neighbourhood in central Athens, a few minutes walk from Akropolis Hill.
Lizzy Le Quesne and Manny Emslie are highly experienced dancers, practitioners and teachers, who both have extensive additional knowledge of related somatic techniques and mindfulness meditation.
Dates: 4-13 July 2016

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