Performance maker and SRT practitioner Sally E. Dean (UK/US), was delighted recently to be invited to perform a new work As the Crow Flies South…. at Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T) UK. The performance took place on 11th June, as part of Compass, a mixed bill of dance produced & curated by Laura Gwynne of Soul Aspect.
About the show: 
A woman’s absurdist expedition in search of home. With a stick as a compass, fragile tape as a map, and a live sound chorus of human birds acting as guides, this piece embarks on a kaleidoscopic movement, sound and text journey – to one’s place of origin and beyond.
The material and approaches in this performance are influenced by Sally’s practice in SRT. Sally presented alongside Clare Whistler performing Above the Boat, Bellies of Wild Geese and Xelís de Toro, performing Desire Line. 
New publication announcement:
Sally’s new article ‘Where is the body in the costume design process?’ will be published in late 2016 in Studies in Costume & Performance
For more information about Sally E. Dean, have a look at her website

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