Sally Dean and Julie Nathanielsz have recently published an article about Skinner Releasing Technique in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices.

“This article contextualizes and critiques Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), the somatic dance and movement practice developed by American choreographer, dancer and teacher Joan Skinner. The writing arises from conversations between Sally E. Dean and Julie Nathanielsz, each a SRT practitioner and teacher for over fifteen years, and lays out some of their emerging observations and questions about Skinner Releasing: What is the significance of orientating in the process of letting go? Is there an ‘underlying body’ in this technique? How do we understand possible relationships of body and image through the practice? The aim of this writing is to make connections with embodied3 experience rather than ideology, and to open an important dialogue into current practice and teaching of SRT, by first locating the technique in its somatic, historical and cultural context.” – abstract of article

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