Dear Open Sourcerors,

It’s with both sadness & excitement that we share updates about July 6 – 24 Seattle Open Source Forms (OSF) Sourcing Deeper & our annual Seattle OSF Open Workshop – now offered ONLINE, with reduced fees & extra discounts for the financially vulnerable. .

We feel we need OSF now more than ever & want it to remain available to support community & support healing. OSF has been both refuge & engagement — a path toward experiencing deep connections with each other & with the whole of ourselves. During current unprecedented global uncertainties, we want to continue to offer experiences that are safe & supportive.

Though saddened we won’t be together this summer in the physically close, magical ways we love, shifting programs online seems the most OSF-like way to respond to this global pandemic — open, available & responsive to our changing world with suppleness & creativity.

We’re excited to be in process of developing ways to work, play, evolve, deepen & transform together in the context of OSF sessions online.


1) 30% reduced rate for online participation
2) Option to pay full price (former early-bird discount rate) if you still have a salary & can afford a little more. It will subsidize those who are more financially vulnerable during this uncertain time.
3) Further reduced rate (50% of online fee) for those out of work due to this pandemic & struggling to pay program fees.

New fees for each program

2-week Open Workshop: Full price $515. Online: $350. Out-of-work: $175
3-week Open Workshop: Full price $670. Online $450. Out-of-work: $225
Sourcing Deeper: Full price $1,752. Online: $1,170. Out-of-work: $585

Info & Booking Links for Each Program

OSF Sourcing Deeper:
OSF Open Workshop:

If you haven’t yet submitted an application for OSF Sourcing Deeper, please submit one — there are still places open & deadlines are extended.

As our dates draw near, we’ll send orientation information, guidelines for joining online sessions, & suggestions for preparing space in your home or studio & staying connected, literally & figuratively.

Wishing us all good health, boundless creativity & continued sanity,

Stephanie Skura, Director
Keely Isaak Meehan, Administrative Director/ Certified OSF Teacher & Teacher Trainer

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Days: Time:
Location: Information:
Teachers: Level:
Cost: Days:
Time: Info:

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