The SRN management committee were very pleased to support the first SRN network day to happen in Istanbul this December.

Here is a summary of the day from SRN member Bahar Vidinlioglu:
This year, we organized the SRN meeting at the MSGSU Istanbul State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department. The SRT facilitators in Turkey, Alexa Schimd, Bahar Vidinlioglu, Deniz Soyarslan and Serap Meric talked together came under some headings.
These Headings;
The workshops are also held in different regions of Turkey
How will the new generation of trained facilitators from the turkey
Turkey to invite facilitators from the network.
Facilitators can also meet different platforms.
Zoom Meeting
Hear the experience of more experienced teachers.
Taking each other’s lessons.

We contacted Gaby Agis via Skype. We were very happy to meet and talk to her. We would like to thank her again for her support.

I hope our intention to come together at the new SRN meeting where attendance is more. We celebrate everyone’s New Year.

Best regards
Bahar Vidinlioglu

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