The first work in this outstanding double bill is the reconstruction of Shouting Out Loud, originally choreographed by Gaby Agis in 1984 for thirteen women and will include performers from the original cast (Mary Prestidge and Lucy Fawcett) and a soundtrack developed by Ana da Silva from The Raincoats’ song Shouting Out Loud. The evening will continue with a performance by Gaby Agis of her 1986 solo, In Anticipation for Surrender with a performance of No one’s little girl within a set of live music by The Raincoats, followed by a set by DJ Lucky Cat.
“The 1980’s were a period of great social and political unrest. Thatcherism was in full swing. The miners’ strike and gay pride, anti-racist and feminist movements dominated the landscape. This provided the context and backdrop to artists’ lives. Again, we live in turbulent and uncertain times. By reconstructing Shouting Out Loud I am interested in discovering to what degree art reflects the times we live in.” [Gaby Agis, October 2014]
Supported by Arts Council England, University of Roehampton, Coventry University.
Date: 27 February 2016
Venue: Greenwich Dance, The Borough Hall, Royal Hill, SE10 8RE
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