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Celebrating 5yrs of Moving Landscapes


This summer Skinner Releasing Technique Leeds had their 5th annual week long SRT intensive. ‘Moving Landscapes’ integrates daily SRT classes in the studio with Improvisation and moving outside in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Skinner Releasing Technique Leeds comprises of Sophie Alder and Rosemary Spencer; who have a passion for bringing SRT to the north of England but also thoroughly enjoy sharing this beautiful technique and place with people from all over UK and the rest of the world.

Moving Landscapes has been based at Otley Courthouse every year. It has provided a perfect setting for participants to take advantage of all the lovely local attractions; including some great independent bakeries and cafes of Otley which has made lunch times all the more pleasurable. The weather has been unpredictable every year, the course has now experienced every forecast possible (bar snow), but come rain or shine they’ve explored the beautiful landscapes around them and immersed themselves in a wonderful creative journey.

Rosemary and Sophie look forward to year 6 with excitement to see who will join them and what the weather will be like in 2018!

(Images from Moving Landscapes 2013-17)

Radio commission, Talking Dance


Two SRT teachers Gaby Agis and Kirsty Alexander have curated a series of six, half hour radio shows. These conversations are between younger and mature dance artists in the UK. They specifically look at continuing practice and SRT is mentioned often. Do have a listen.

The series was commissioned by the Choreographer's Gallery and produced for the radio station Resonance.

10 new SRT teachers certified

We are delighted to announce that 10 new SRT teachers were certified at the end of April on the Greek Island of Syros at the wonderful Akropoditi Dance Centre.
This international group of newly certified teachers are Alexa Schimd (Turkey), Ana Stegnar (Belgium), Bahar Vidinlioglu (Turkey), Deniz Soyarslan (Turkey), Julia Adzuki (Sweden), Kirsi Heimonen (Finland), Kristin Hatleberg (USA), Olcay Karahan (Turkey), Serap Meric (Turkey), Vasiliki Xrysan Tsagkari (Greece).

SRT teachers Sally Dean, Julie Nathanielsz and Lily Kiara together with artists Margit Galanter and Suprapto Suryodarmo, co-facilitated a project in Indonesia in January 2017, FIELD OF RECIPROCITY: Investigating Performance, Culture & Practice.

It was a three-week research project, into creating an environment of mutual exchange with a focus on performance, each participant bringing their own questions and interests. Facilitators convened a workshop to create a live, intimate, embodied exchange, as well as hold a conversational inquiry into culture, landscape, and our interactions with the place of Candi Teja Amerta, in Tejakula on the North Bali seacoast. We were fifteen people, from Indonesia, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, and USA, coming from art, healing, education and conflict-resolution perspectives. 
"Inherent in our lives, through our senses and perceptions is reciprocity. We are in an ever-changing dialogue of giving and receiving. How do we practice this in the frame of performance?"

Is this history or am I just seeing things? - Performance/Sharing of Practice on 7th April in London

SRT has many aspects: dance technique; performer training; contemplative practice - among others.  SRT teacher Alex Crowe joins with Irene Cena, Gaelin Little & Srik Narayanan to bring together these dimensions of somatic movement in an event somewhere between performance and movement meditation as the performers share their ongoing practice of dance, spoken word and silent witnessing.  Details and bookings

Stephanie Skura teaches weekly Saturday Seattle advanced OSF classes through March 25, 2017, 2 - 5 pm

These are new advanced classes created weekly, culled & expanded from a wealth of material passed on by Joan Skinner & veteran SRT teachers. They are designed specifically for those who've experienced the full spectrum (three weeks) of Introductory OSF or Skinner Releasing practice.  This advanced work is rare & special: sophisticated, deep, evolved in alignment approaches, richly navigating states below conscious level. It satisfies our hunger to let our edges dissolve, lose ourselves in connection with each other, be transformed. In our current social & political climate, they provide a welcome opportunity to heal together & reaffirm the values we hold dear.  Info: 
If pre-qualified & interested, email Stephanie at


American-based choreographer and long-time SRT teacher & teacher-trainer Stephanie Skura & SRT/OSF teacher Nate Dryden will facilitate our fourth annual two-week Seattle Open Source Forms workshop, May 29 - June 9, 2017, 11 AM - 2 PM, Monday - Friday. Open Source Forms (OSF) is fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique & integrated with approaches derived from 30 evolving years of rehearsal process celebrating diversity, collaboration, & individual creative empowerment: free of inhibition, wildly intuitive, inviting mind to collaborate. No prior experience necessary! This workshop is open to all, bringing together a world-wide community for dancing, creative practice & deep immersion — in a catalytic environment of colleagues with diverse experiences in teaching, healing, therapy, performance, theater, arts, community, & visionary organization-building. Partially fulfills pre-requisites for OSF Teacher Certification Programs. Details & booking information: 

Robert Davidson (1946 - 2016)


The Skinner Releasing community is mourning the loss of our beloved teacher Robert Davidson.

I have fond memories of Bob as my teacher and later a guiding force behind the training of Skinner Releasing teachers. Memories of Bob teaching a class; providing stepping stones into the unknown and new depths. Memories of Bob watching and waiting in silence as his classes enabled growth and new found awareness, revealing to us all the knowledge that “it is all dance”.

Bob possessed such a deep understanding of this beautiful work. Those of us who danced with him over the years observed the importance of his contributions to Joan Skinner’s work.

And, in his later life, Bob’s devotion to the training of new teachers and his gentle insistence that new teachers understand the specific underpinnings of Joan’s poetic movement practice. His insights will forever be entwined the many strand of Skinner Releasing’s creative fabric. We are saddened at the news of his death. Yet unquestionably he is with us.

Theresa Moriarty

Board President

Skinner Releasing Institute

Update about the Skinner Releasing Technique Teacher Training Programme


The second year of the Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) Introductory Teacher's Training Programme will be held at the Akropoditi Dance Centre, on the Greek Island of Syros (after the completion of the first year which was held in Istanbul). The training will run from the 20th of March to 21st April 2017. Come May 2017 we will be welcoming several newly certified SRT teachers from all over the globe to the Skinner Releasing Network, with at least 5 of the new teachers being Turkish. 

"Messiah of Movement" Bob Davidson


It is with great sadness that we share the news that Bob Davidson has passed away.  Bob was the first teacher of the Skinner Releasing Technique to be certified, assisted Joan's teaching for many years and in turn played a central role in training all subsequent SRT teachers.  He will be greatly missed by the SRT community but his passion for the work, words and teachings will stay with us in our hearts, minds and movement.


SURREPTITIOUS PREPARATIONS FOR AN IMPOSSIBLE TOTAL ACT, instigated by Stephanie Skura & performed in New York City October 2016 & April 2017


American-based choreographer and long-time SRT teacher and teacher-trainer Stephanie Skura will show and perform her current project, Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act, in New York City October 30, 2016 at Sundays on Broadway, and April 18 & 19, 2017 at Roulette, Brooklyn. Grown from collaborations with beloved peers during the past two years, as a response to having no funding, we improvised together as we would do anyway with or without financial support. In response to various scores Stephanie offers, working either via skype or live together in studios around the globe, we investigate such states as 'both wild & deliberate', 'flung versus placed', 'energetic perfunctory', 'both tentative & clear', and many more. Stephanie's formidable collaborators include SRT teacher Sally Dean, Eva Karczag, Debra Wanner, Wendy Perron, Juliette Mapp, Paige Barnes, and vocalist Shelley Hirsch. For details on these performances, subscribe to Stephanie's 'Event' mailing list:


In Fall 2017, American choreographer and long-time SRT teacher & teacher-trainer Stephanie Skura will realize a long-held dream: to facilitate an Open Source Forms (OSF) Pre-Teacher-Training Program on the European continent, in preparation for a planned two-year OSF Teacher Certification there in 2018/19. Designed for those seriously interested in OSF Teacher Certification, OSF Pre-TeacherTraining is an eminently digestible, three-week Intensive to fulfill prerequisites for OSF Teacher Certification Programs, give a sense of the nature of OSF Teacher Training, & provide juicy in-depth improvisations & participatory discussions as well as the full spectrum of OSF introductory material. Open Source Forms is rigorously based in, & fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique, integrated with evolving creative & somatic practices of its teachers. It focuses on cross-fertilizations & deep commonalities of Skinner Releasing & creative process. A key mission of OSF is creative empowerment of the individual as a positive force on the planet, guided by the philosophy that the source of creativity & wisdom is available in each of us.  OSF Teacher Certifications have been offered in the States approximately every two years since 2009. We're thrilled to offer our FIRST OSF 3-WEEK PRE-TEACHER-TRAINING PROGRAM FOR EUROPEANS  SEPTEMBER 25 - OCTOBER 13, 2017 at the heavenly Felinganol retreat in western Wales, as preparation for European OSF Teacher Certification in 2018/19. There are only a few places left! Details & booking information: 

Public talk on SRT in Athens


Last month Lizzy Le Quesne and Manny Emslie gave a well attended public talk at Kinitiras Studio in central Athens, Greece. The talk was given within the frame of the complete introductory SRT intensive course taught by Lizzy Le Quesne and Manny Emslie at Kinitiras and introduced the background, philosophy and legacy of Joan Skinner and her Skinner Releasing Technnique, described the requirements and processes of the SRT teacher training, and responded to a number of questions from the floor. The talk reflects the growing interest in and support for SRT in Greece, which is led predominantly by the dedicated efforts of dance artist and Kinitiras Artistic Director Antigone Gyra. Photos by Violeta Gyra.

Sally E. Dean's recent performance of As the Crow Flies South

Performance maker and SRT practitioner Sally E. Dean (UK/US), was delighted recently to be invited to perform a new work As the Crow Flies South.... at Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T) UK. The performance took place on 11th June, as part of Compass, a mixed bill of dance produced & curated by Laura Gwynne of Soul Aspect. 
About the show: 
A woman's absurdist expedition in search of home. With a stick as a compass, fragile tape as a map, and a live sound chorus of human birds acting as guides, this piece embarks on a kaleidoscopic movement, sound and text journey - to one’s place of origin and beyond. 
The material and approaches in this performance are influenced by Sally's practice in SRT. Sally presented alongside Clare Whistler performing Above the Boat, Bellies of Wild Geese and XelĂ­s de Toro, performing Desire Line. 
New publication announcement:
Sally’s new article ‘Where is the body in the costume design process?’ will be published in late 2016 in Studies in Costume & Performance
For more information about Sally E. Dean, have a look at her website

SRT intensive in Athens - first complete course to be offered in Greece

In response to a really strong growing community of Skinner Releasing Technique dancers in Greece, Lizzy Le Quesne and Manny Emslie will be teaching an intensive course of the complete SRT introductory series in Athens.  
This is the third time Lizzy has taught SRT in Greece in recent years and other short SRT courses have been taught by Gaby Agis and Titta Court.  However, this is the first time in Greece that dancers have had the possibility to follow the complete SRT introductory series of 15 classes.   
This intensive course is a rare opportunity for dancers from Greece and elsewhere to follow the complete SRT introductory series of 15 classes in a coherent and developmental way over consecutive days.
Excellent for those wishing to deepen their experience and understanding of SRT or those looking for a deeply softening and transformational movement engagement in the warmth and quiet of a Greek summertime. The studio, Kinitiras, is a significant fixture on the Athens contemporary dance map, and is located in a beautiful and calm neighbourhood in central Athens, a few minutes walk from Akropolis Hill.
Lizzy Le Quesne and Manny Emslie are highly experienced dancers, practitioners and teachers, who both have extensive additional knowledge of related somatic techniques and mindfulness meditation.
Dates: 4-13 July 2016

Teaching SRT in Hereford - At Royal National College for the Blind

In early March I, Gaby Agis, travelled to Hereford in the U.K ( near the border with Wales ) to teach two SRT classes. The first class I taught was for a large group of keen teachers, dancers, and locals from Hereford. Ages ranged from teens to 70s +.  Everybody enjoyed the session greatly and drifted off into the evening asking for more classes and saying they felt sure they would sleep well that night. 
The next morning I was delighted to be able to teach an SRT class at the Royal National College for the Blind. Some of the students are studying for a BTEC in Performing Arts, others were interested in dance. The group worked very intensely over the two hours and were left very inspired by their newly found ease and resourcefulness for their own movement both in the studio and out. I was also greatly inspired whilst teaching, knowing how little I had to alter the class for the visually impaired students giving me an even bigger awareness of just how profoundly democratic SRT is.   
I would like to thank Laura Gale and Paul Read from the College for their invitation and all the students. 

Certified SRT teachers, Usha Mahathiralingam and Alex Crowe, participating in an Artists' Retreat on 'Contexts of Time and Space in Ecological Movement'


Certified SRT teachers Usha Mahathiralingam and Alex Crowe are both participating in an Artists' Retreat on 'Contexts of Time and Space in Ecological Movement' at Coventry University's Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), led by Sandra Reeve and Emma Meehan.  The retreat explores how an 'ecological movement' approach, which considers the artist's and audience's inter-relationship with the context of dance and movement work, can be applied in the urban environment of Coventry city.  In different ways, they are both exploring how this kind of ecological approach both encompasses the kind of 'inner' somatic awareness that is central to SRT, while at the same time also bringing attention to the inescapable interrelatedness of such an awareness with the mover's involvement with others and with their environment.  

Labelling Lives


After a long break from choreograping Rosemary Spencer has created 'Labelling Lives'. It is a piece that was commisioned by Hoot Creative Arts to challenge perceptions of Mental Health. It draws on her own experiences of being a bisexual woman, confronting her own mental health problems and research done by academics into the increased incidence of mental health problems in the bisexual community. Further details on the research can be found in the Bisexuality Report.

The dancer, Alexandra Doe, is familiar with SRT having taken Rosemary's SRT classes in the past. This supported the creative process undertaken to create this work as it was strongly imbedded in Rosemary's practice of SRT. 

You can view labelling lives online by clicking here.

Gaby Agis & The Raincoats

The first work in this outstanding double bill is the reconstruction of Shouting Out Loud, originally choreographed by Gaby Agis in 1984 for thirteen women and will include performers from the original cast (Mary Prestidge and Lucy Fawcett) and a soundtrack developed by Ana da Silva from The Raincoats’ song Shouting Out Loud. The evening will continue with a performance by Gaby Agis of her 1986 solo, In Anticipation for Surrender with a performance of No one’s little girl within a set of live music by The Raincoats, followed by a set by DJ Lucky Cat.
“The 1980's were a period of great social and political unrest. Thatcherism was in full swing. The miners' strike and gay pride, anti-racist and feminist movements dominated the landscape. This provided the context and backdrop to artists' lives. Again, we live in turbulent and uncertain times. By reconstructing Shouting Out Loud I am interested in discovering to what degree art reflects the times we live in.” [Gaby Agis, October 2014]
Supported by Arts Council England, University of Roehampton, Coventry University.
Date: 27 February 2016
Venue: Greenwich Dance, The Borough Hall, Royal Hill, SE10 8RE

Stephanie Skura teaches OPEN SOURCE FORMS & CREATIVE PRACTICE workshops in New York City & Seattle in 2016


American-based choreographer and long-time SRT teacher and teacher-trainer Stephanie Skura will teach workshops in Open Source Forms & Creative Practice during 2016 in New York City and Seattle. Open Source Forms (OSF) is fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique and integrated with approaches derived from thirty evolving years of rehearsal process celebrating diversity, collaboration, & individual creative empowerment: free of inhibition, wildly intuitive, inviting mind to collaborate. For details and booking information about OSF 2016 workshops, Teacher Certification Programs, new Pre-Teacher Training programs, and a special ‘Beyond Beginnings’ SRT/OSF workshop in Berlin taught by Betting Neuhaus and Susanna Hood:

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